8th Annual Career Fair – 11th April 2011



The MBA International Program of Athens University and Economics and Business (AUEB), in collaboration with the I-MBA alumni association, is organizing its 8th annual Career Fair on Monday, 11th April 2011 at the ATExcelixi Training & Conference Centre. Now in its eighth year, the Career Fair is established as one of the most successful and effective events in the career calendar.  Last year, more than 40 companies – from various sectors of the local and international market – took part.  The event gives companies access to a pool of students and alumni with a strong management background, leadership skills and the ability to achieve high level results within their organisation. Amid these challenging times, AUEB continues to educate versatile business leaders who can excel in any environment, nationally or internationally.

For more details please visit our site

Feel free to contact us at : 210 8203 669 or imbacareeroffice@aueb.gr



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