Managing Organisational Change for CSR


Managing Organisational Change for CSR

How CSR change agents can embed CSR in organisational behaviour


We are in times of great change. The impact of societal change means that increasingly organisations, internationally, are looking to integrate CSR into their core business operations. However, many companies struggle to embed their CSR initiatives in daily activities. This is often because elements of organisational culture or existing practices can be a barrier to the organisational change necessary to embed CSR. This one day workshop is based on the successful  ‘Driving Change for CR’ programme which has been developed in collaboration between  Business in the Community (BITC) and The Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, at Cranfield School of Management

After delivering this workshop in London,  recently, AUEB Visiting Research Fellow, Sharon Jackson, will travel to Athens to deliver this unique management learning and development 1 day course.The workshop has been tailored for an international audience especially for AUEB.    The objective of the workshop is to give participants the practical management tools and techniques required to manage organisational change necessary to enable CSR practices in everyday business operations.

These learning outcomes will be delivered through

Case studies and examples

Demonstration of methods and processes used in some of the leading European businesses to integrate CSR.An action plan to take back to your organisationThe learning from this workshop and the take- away tools will be applicable to any strategic CSR initiative, in any Kind of business .

Who should attend?

The course is designed for anyone with an interest, or responsibility for embedding CSR principles and aspirations into daily business operations.You may be a CSR Manager or you may have responsibility for a specific aspect of CSR in your job. Trainers and lecturers in CSR may also find this workshop of interest. The course assumes a basic level of CSR knowledge.

Your organisation will benefit from:

A bespoke Action Plan for initiating a change program for CSR in your organisationClearer understanding about identification, communication  and delivery of financial, social and environmental goalsA more efficient and effective approach to embedding CSR as a contribution to successful business.Insight from examples and case studies from international businesses

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