11th Annual EAEF Conference in Athens!

“New Realities – New Organisational Values, EAP´s Strategic Contribution”

Employee Assistance professionals tackle crisis in Athens!

From 14th until 15th June Athens will be the host of the annual EAEF conference. The EAEF, the ‘voice’ for employee assistance professionals and providers in Europe, has again collected high quality participants and speakers from all around Europe and the rest of the world to discuss the current new realities organizations globally are facing.

What better city than Athens could have been chosen for this, which currently almost stands as a symbol for the ongoing monetary difficulties Europe is facing? In this cradle of democracy today’s professionals on employee productivity, organisational mental health, crisis interventions and business continuity come together to touch topics such as psychosocial risk management, stress management in companies, over-indebtedness and trauma response.

Were current economies and its employees and employers together are in stress, experience trauma and have doubts about their continuity, the EAP experts show possibilities for restoration on productivity, resilience and sustainability.

A conference that is a ‘must done’ for all organisational staff involved in the care for the companies most important production asset: the employees.
The conference is held in the five-star Electra Palace Hotel and hosted by EAEF’s local member, Hellas EAP Ltd.

For more information go to: www.eaef.org or www.hellaseap.gr



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